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Tracking Class

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Tracking Class

Does your dog like to find things around the house or the yard?  Is his/her nose mostly on the ground looking for different scents?  Tracking is the most natural thing your dog can do.  The sense of smell is developed first and it is the last thing your senior dog can do.  It’s no wonder dogs are used to find missing persons and victims in disasters.  The foundation for this type of work is tracking.  Tracking dogs are trained to recognize a human’s scent.  These dogs are given an object with a person’s scent and then are told to ”go find” or ”track” the path laid by that person. 

There are two different types of tracking – wilderness and variable surface.  Wilderness tracking involves the dog following a track laid in wooded areas.  Variable surface tracking is a little more difficult for the dog because the track is laid over streets and sidewalks.  Scents do not linger for a long period of time on pavement whereas in wilderness tracking scents are more likely to adhere to grass, trees, bushes, etc., for longer periods of time.

At For Your Canine, your dogs will learn both types of tracking.  This class allows you to work on your pet’s high level of scent capability and do what comes naturally to him/her.  Many of the training techniques we use were developed by John Rice, founder of the DuPage County Forest Preserve K-9 SAR/Police Unit.  Classes help you prepare for testing to gain your AKC or UKC tracking titles and they are also the basis for beginning search and rescue work.  Tracking is a great way to build on you and your dogs relationship.  Classes are held every Sunday morning, rain or shine, at various locations throughout the Chicago metro area. 

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