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Our Classes

We offer a wide variety of dog training classes including:

Advanced Agility
Advanced Level 2 Nose Work
Advanced Level 3 Nose Work
Advanced Nose Work
Agility (Beginners)
Agility CPE Games
Agility II
Agility Mini-Class (Crosses & Footwork)
Agility Mini-Class (Jumping Gridwork)
Agility Mini-Class (Jumping Skills)
Agility Mini-Class (Perfecting Contacts)
Agility Mini-Class (Resolving Common Problems)
Agility Mini-Class (Tackling the Teeter)
Agility Mini-Class (Those Wacky Weaves)
Agility Skills
AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
AKC Community Canine (CGC-A)
Barn Hunt Novice/Open
Barn Hunt Senior/Master
Basic Obedience
Beginner Obedience Skill Building
Beginning Agility for the Junior Handler
Beginning Nose Work
Beyond Basics
Beyond Puppy
Canine Life and Social Skills Class
Canine Sport Massage and Stretching
Circus School for Dogs
Competition Obedience Foundations
Conformation Class
Crate Skills
Distractions! Distractions! Distractions!
Fit Ball/Conditioning Class
Focused Fido
Focused Fido Advanced
Focused Fido II
Follow Me/Ghost Handling
Freestyle/Heelwork to Music
Great Outdoors & The Reactive Dog
Holiday Skills
Intermediate Agility
Intermediate Agility II
Intermediate Nose Work
Life Skills for the Urban Dog
Loose Leash Walking
Meet & Greet Class
Mental Management for Nose Work
Mental Prep for Nose Work Competition
Nervous Nellie
Nose Work Elite
Nose Work Mini-Class
Novice/Open Obedience
Obedience Problem Solving
Out On The Town
Perfecting Crosses
Puppy Brain & Body Conditioning
Puppy I
Rally - Beginner/Intermediate
Rally - Intermediate/Advanced
Reactive Dog Class
Reactive Dog II
Reactive Dog Refresher
Reliable Recall
Scent Discrimination/Hurdles
Sniff & Learn
Tackling the Teeter
Taking It In Stride
Therapy Dog
Thrills & Skills - The Class
Thrills and Skills
Tracking Class
Training Thresholds
Treat-Retreat Class
Tricks Class
Troubleshooting Weaves
Under Pressure for NW3
Weave Pole Clinic
Weight Pull

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