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At For Your K9, we are always striving to learn more about dogs, and we want to share this information with you. Our knowledgeable instructors present programs designed to enhance special skills or address specific behaviors. Whatever your interests, we try to meet your needs and expand your understanding about our canine companions. Each workshop can be all day, half day or anywhere in between.
Upcoming Workshops
Understanding Conflict Resolution Between Dogs
Instructors: Nancy Reyes
Saturday, September 26th
 In this workshop we will cover how dogs handle conflict in social structures, Aggression - What it is? & What it isn’t? and how genes and environment play a part in aggression and conflict resolution between dogs. We will also discuss the dynamics of social interactions in real time. This workshop will use lecture, live dog demonstrations and video.
If you would like your dog considered for a demo dog, please email a few sentences about your dog to
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Treat Retreat
Instructor: Nancy Reyes
Saturday, October 11, 2014 9am-12pm
This workshop is specifically designed for dogs who are worried about people.
When working with fearful dogs, a common pitfall is working too fast and too close,
thus making the dog more fearful. During this clinic your dog will learn how
to tolerate people through careful and highly reinforcing interactions.
The goal is to help change your dogs’ mindset about people.
Treat Retreat is a great skill builder for your shy or worried dog when it comes
to meeting people. Based on Suzanne Clothier’s Treat Retreat Protocol.
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Treat Retreat II
Instructor: Nancy Reyes
Saturday, October 11, 2014 1:30pm-4:30pm
This workshop is for handler/dog teams that have already been
thru a Treat Retreat Workshop and are ready for the next
progressions. We will work on increasing the intensity and
duration of the Treat Retreat protocol.
Based on Suzanne Clothiers Treat Retreat Protocol.
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Lingering Odor: Friend or Foe?
October 12, 2014 9am-1pm
Why work lingering odor it won't be at a trial? What would be the benefit?
Working thru lingering odor helps dog work to the strongest source of odor,
reduces false alerts and helps the dog make decisions with efficiency on the
source of the odor. This 4 hour workshop will work on developing these skills and more.
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