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I have been producing custom family, pet and commercial photographs since 1987.  Always an “artist,” I learned photography the old-fashioned way—in the classroom, in the field and in the darkroom.  My film background began as a student at Columbia College, Chicago.  I used those skills from the time I graduated in 1986 until it was time for an update.  I earned a certificate in Digital Imaging in 2000 from College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL.  Since then, I have used digital photography and computer techniques such as Photoshop to provide my customers with high-quality portraits and action shots.  

Mark Pastor PhotographyAs a pet photographer, my customers have met me at Chicago-area canine training facilities, trials, pet walks and grooming salons.  I have been For Your Canine’s portrait photographer since 2005.  As for action shots, I have photographed Jack Russell Terrier racing, Earth Dog contests, lure coursing events, canine disc competitions, flyball tournaments and agility trials.  As an animal lover and lifelong dog owner, I believe in making pet photography a fun experience for everyone, including me.   Although my first love is photographing pets in the studio and at competitive events, occasionally I still have to go to work.  My commercial photography experience includes Dominick’s Finer Foods, Midas, ReMax and Wilson Sporting Goods.

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