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At For Your K9, we are always striving to learn more about dogs, and we want to share this information with you. Our knowledgeable instructors present programs designed to enhance special skills or address specific behaviors. Whatever your interests, we try to meet your needs and expand your understanding about our canine companions. Each workshop can be all day, half day or anywhere in between.
Upcoming 2015 Workshops


Intro C-WAGS Scent Trials and Run Thrus
Saturday, June 13th 11am-1pm
Instructors: Amy Wukotich and Sue Sentowski
Learn the ins and outs of scent work CWAGS style. This workshop will cover the rules and procedures of C-WAGS scent work, then give it a try!

Understanding Air Flow & How Scent Moves
Sunday, June 14th 9am-12pm
Instructor: Nancy Reyes
Air flow can be challenging with relation to nose work. Knowing how the air is moving can optimize your handling to help your dog find hides. How air flow and air pressure are important for nose work will be discussed. Also, discussed will be how humidity, heat and temperature changes affect how scent moves. This workshop will include some hands on work and demos.
This workshop will use video and demo dogs. This is lecture only.
Pee Search Pee
Sunday, June 14th 1:30pm-3:30pm
Instructor: Nancy Reyes

Are you having trouble with your dog marking during an exterior search? Searching on grass can be difficult for some dogs. This clinic will give you the tools you need to help curb your dogs desire to mark (urinate) during a search.

Pre-requisite: All dogs must already be on odor and getting ready to trial at the NW1 level.

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