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For Your K9 is proud to partner with Canine Massage Chicago, a leading training center for healing arts professionals.

Career Training Programs CMC’s programs of study couple education with intense hands-on training offering professional certification in canine massage, as well as ongoing continuing education courses. CMC offers the most intensive, well rounded program in the country...

Canine Massage Services Whether your dog is elderly, an athlete, a show dog, or simply a beloved canine companion, myotherapy and massage treatments can support and help maintain your dog's health and happiness...

Pet Parent Classes These workshops provide pet owners the understanding and hands-on practice to provide canine massage to their own dogs. This will help you keep your dog in shape, and also be active in your dog’s health care. You will learn techniques for prevention and to be aware of possible health issues. Specialty classes focus on sports massage, massage for the senior dog and massage for the anxious and shy dog...

To schedule your canine massage or discuss a future in canine massage, email Denise Theobald at

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